simple Nigeria kitchen tips

Simple Kitchen tips

  1. To keep a pot from boiling over when cooking place a wooden spatula across the pot.
  2. To avoid crying when cutting onions, cut the onions under running water or briefly place them inside the freezer before cutting.
  3. To prevent plantain from ripening , keep them in a bowl of water or wrap them up in paper , tie in a nylon bag and keep in the fridge.
  4. To easily remove the shell of boiled egg; once you take out the boiled eggs from the cooking pot, transfer directly into cold water for about 3 minutes’ then you can crack and peel off the shell easily.
  5. If you have over salted a pot of soup or stew, drop peeled Irish potato into it and leave it in for atleast 10 minutes. The potatoes will absorb some of the salt.

To remove odor from cooking oil that has been previously used so you can re-use ; drop fresh ginger into the oil while heating. The ginger will absorb the strong odors or flavors.