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A guide to help you pack nigerian foods when relocating out of Nigeria

When travelling outside Nigeria with Nigerian food items , the temptation to carry everything is real ; however its important to be a smart shopper so you don’t end up carrying alot of things you won’t use for years while leaving the really important foods behind.

Here are 10 tips to consider when traveling abroad with Nigerian foods.

  1. Make a list, before you start shopping , at the bottom of these tips , a list of Nigerian foods will be included to guide you through the process
  2. Focus more on getting light weight items as your baggage allowance is limited and you don’t want to end up with excess luggage
  3. Getting some packaged / ready to cook foods ( like ayamase mix, ewa agoyin mix, peeled beans, native rice mix. ogi powder….) won’t be a bad idea, as they weigh alot less and are easier and faster to prepare especially on days you have a craving for authentic Nigerian taste and don’t have time to cook from scratch or eat out.
  4. Get a scale to weigh the food items or buy from someone who has an idea of what the weight of the foods will be so you don’t end up buying too much.
  5. Find out what Nigerian foods are allowed into the country you are traveling to , this is avoid having issues with customs at the airport.
  6. Make sure you package the items properly to avoid spillage or custom issues ; or you can simply buy from a store (like that will properly label and package the items for you to easily travel with.
  7. Try getting light weight bags or boxes to travel with so you can have space to carry more food items.
  8. Make sure you check for expiry dates on the packaged foods you buy; this will help you determine what quantities to get per time.
  9. If possible, pack food items in a separate bag to keep your clothes from smelling of crayfish and ogbono (lol)
  10. Find out the best ways to store everything you travel with, so it remains in very good condition till you use them.
  11. Don’t forget to include a thing or two for family and friends …. they will really appreciate it.

List of Nigerian foods you can travel abroad with ( Most of these items are available from

  1. Crayfish
  2. kuli kuli
  3. Authentic peppersoup mix
  4. Smoked catfish
  5. stockfish (different cuts)
  6. Dry leaves – ugu, bitterleaves, uziza, ewedu, atama, scentleaves, waterleaves)…
  7. Cameroon pepper
  8. Dry pepper
  9. Tasty pot ogi powder
  10. tasty pot bean flour
  11. suya spice
  12. shawa fish
  13. Bonga fish / agbodo
  14. shawa fish powder
  15. egusi
  16. Ogbono
  17. Dry snails
  18. ewa agoyin mix ( dry mix for making agoyin sauce)
  19. Ayamase mix ( dry mix for making ofada sauce)
  20. Smoked eja osan / asa fish
  21. Smoked eja abo/ ukpek ( smoked sole fish)
  22. Smoked eja apo
  23. Eja kika (smoked panla fish)
  24. Peeled beans
  25. Brown beans
  26. Ijebu gari
  27. Dry Locust beans
  28. Unripe plantain flour
  29. kilishi
  30. Roasted guinea fowl
  31. Mangala fish
  32. Elubo (yam flour)
  33. Red crayfish (oporo)
  34. Groundnut
  35. cocoyam powder
  36. Gurundi
  37. Kokoro
  38. Plantain chips
  39. chuk chuk
  40. coconut candy
  41. chin chin
  42. Banga spice
  43. Ofada rice
  44. Jollof rice spice
  45. Fried rice spice
  46. dry pomo
  47. curry / thyme
  48. Dry ngolo
  49. Dry periwinkle
  50. Abacha
  51. dry breadfruit (ukpa)
  52. cocoyam flakes (achicha ede)
  53. Native rice mix (ready to cook)
  54. Kokoro (corn snack)
  55. Gurundi (coconut chips)
  56. ofada rice
  57. Acha grains
  58. Kilishi

Most of these foods are available to purchase instore , kindly click the link –

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