Dry fish market in Nigeria

Dry fish market in Nigeria

Dry fish is very much loved by Nigerians home and abroad, it is enjoyed by the different tribes in Nigeria.

It is a power ingredient in most native Nigerian soups; you can easily build the flavors of soups with it then add just a little bit of seasoning to perfect the taste. This is why when you don’t use ingredients like stockfish, smoked fish, crayfish in your soups, you might end up adding in alot of seasoning cubes to make up for it.

When shopping for dry seafoods , one of worst mistakes you can make is to buy ones that are already rotting inside without knowing . Some can already have maggots/insects inside but are oiled to appear fresh, you can easily tell this from the stale odor you get from them so BEWARE!

Here’s 3 things to look out for when buying dry/smoked fish

  • Stale, musty smell
  • mold
  • Insects ; you can shake the fish.

Themarketfoodshop is a dry fish market that sells a wide variety of  dry fish .We sell in wholesale and retail quantities.

For deliveries outside Nigeria – within Canada and U.S.A , Kindly click on the whatsapp link below this page.

 Dry / smoked fish products you can buy from us include

  • Smoked catfish
Dry fish market in Nigeria

Smoked catfish


  • Smoked eja osan/ asa fish
Asa fish

Smoked eja osan (asa fish)


  • Shawa fish (peeled/ unpeeled)
Peeled shawa fish

Shawa fish (peeled) also known as bonga fish


Bonga fish

Unpeeled shawa fish


  • Stockfish (cut cut /osan/ cod / flesh/ head)
Stockfish head

Stock fish head (left), whole osan stockfish (right)


Stockfish cut cut

Cut cut Stockfish


Cod Stockfish

Stockfish (cod)


Stockfish flesh

Stockfish flesh


  • Thailand fish
Thailand fish

Thailand fish (right)

  • Crayfish (blended /unblended)
  • Red crayfish
Red crayfish

Red crayfish

  • Mangala fish
  • Abo fish (smoked sole fish)
  • Fish powder
Fish powder

Fish powder (made from shawa/bonga fish)

  • Smoked panla fish


We also sell dry ponmo in retail and wholesale quantities;

Here’s how you can preserve

  • Smoked fish (smoked eja osan, smoked catfish, thailand fish, mnagala fish, abo fish)

Make its dry brfore storing. Preserve by wrapping it up in 3-4 layers of newspaper, transfer into a ziploc bag or regular polythene bags. Store in the freezer. This method of storage only applies where there’s constant electricity supply.

  • Crayfish

It is best to buy crayfish that dry so it can be stored for longer. You can store crayfish in an airtight container in a cool/dry place. You can also store in ziploc bags in the fridge . However, it is best to store it whole, so if you buy bulk, you can blend just enough quantity to last for 4-6 weeks and preserve what’s left in the whole form.

  • Stockfish

Stockfish can be stored in a cool dry place away from sunlight; you can also store in a fridge, just make sure it is properly wrapped so water or moist doesn’t touch it.

For deliveries outside Nigeria – within Canada and U.S.A , Kindly click on the whatsapp link below this page.