Nigerian dryfish in canada

How to make fish powder from Nigerian smoked catfish head

Steps to Prepare Smoked Catfish Powder

Head of Smoked Catfish

Head of Smoked Catfish

What do you do with the head of your smoked (dry) catfish?

The head of smoked (dry) catfish contains the same flavour as the other parts of the fish so it really should not have to go to waste.

If you are one of those skilled enough to clean to include into soups while cooking  i duff my hat but if like me you really don’t like it whole in your pot of soup , here’s what you can do with it

  • Separate it from the body of the whole fish.
  • Check to see that the guts are clean if not clean out the guts.
  • Wash it in clean water.
  • Dry it in an oven.
  • Break it into smaller bits and blend into powder in a blender or food processor.
  • Transfer into an airtight container and store in a fridge or a dry place.
Smoked Catfish powder

Smoked Catfish Powder


Feel free to add this powder to various Nigerian soups as you please, it gives the same flavor as you would get from the smoked catfish fillet.

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