How to clean periwinkles (isam) in their shells before cooking with them

In Nigeria, periwinkle is called “isam” in Igbo and  “Isawuru ” in Yoruba and “mfi ” in Efik and Ibibio .

They are small marine snails , usually found in muddy soil. They are usually added to Nigerian soups like edikangikong, afang, okazi, oha and Nsala . It is rich in protein and healthy fatty aids like omega 3 fatty acids.

People like to enjoy periwinkles in different ways – some like it with the shell in their soups so they can suck it out while others like to the shell removed before adding it to their soups.

Here’s a simple way to clean shelled periwinkles before cooking with them

  • Cut off the top and bottom of the shell
  • Pour in a bowl and wash the shelled periwinkles severally to remove the dirt off the shell ( you can do this till the water you are washing it in is clear).
  • Transfer periwinkle into a bowl that has a cover , put some salt and water in the bowl, cover the bowl and shake vigorously to get out any hidden dirt, scoop the periwinkles out of the water .
  • Transfer into a pot , add salt and cover with water then leaves to boil for about 2- 3 minutes , you will notice some whitish substance floating on the surface of the water.
  • Rinse the periwinkles; at this point, it should be clean enough to go into any soup of your choice.

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