Tips to keep fresh beef fresh and safe during hours of transit (3- 6 hours)

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Because of the way we shop for fresh meat in Nigeria, we sometimes get to keep the fresh meat we buy for a few hours before getting home. At times, you buy meat on a tripĀ  and it takes you a couple of hours to get home or sometimes you buy beef from around your office during work hours and it takes a while to get it home.

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Here are tips to make sure fresh beef stays fresh and safe for these hours ( not more than 3-6 hours ).


  • Try not to buy beef that has been exposed to the sun for hours .
  • Store beef in a cool place away from heat, if possible place ice over the beef till you get home.
  • Chop onions and pour over the beef ( keeps it smelling fresh) .
  • You can pour salt and massage into beef, usually the beef absorbs the salt so make sure you rinse off salt thoroughly once you get home (before cooking).

Haven done this, make sure you rinse beef once you get home before transferring it to the refrigerator or freezer.

Hope these tips help…

Fresh meat delivery Lagos

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