Buyers Guide

Buying Ofada rice in Nigeria

Nigeria’s own in house original rice.

It is unadulterated (except you get it from the wrong source).

This means unlike the imported, factory processed rice that are brought into the country in bags, ofada rice is the real deal, its unpolished rice that’s high in fibre.

All of its fiber and other nourishing natural elements are still intact since its method of production does not strip away its true essence.

There are different types of this local rice, which gives you options

Options that if you don’t know, would lead you to getting the wrong impression about ofada.

But to avoid that, we would show you what the real ofada rice looks like and what you need to consider in picking which one best suits your requirement.

Types of ofada rice

  • Abakaliki ofada rice –often challenged as not being the real deal but it remains ofada rice.
  • Abeokuta
  • Egbimo  – straight out of ekiti state

The Abeokuta ofada rice comes in different varieties.

This can be seen from the varying brown colours each of them have, which is as a result of the levels of processing.

Buying ofada rice in Nigeria

The abakaliki rice has a much brighter colour that’s close to white rice unlike the others.

Abakaliki rice is grown in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Might be subjective based on the location, but most people rate the Abeokuta ofada rice as the most loved (and authentic) of all the varieties.

Reason being that it connects with the appetites of consumers because of its flavor and dryness.

Well dried rice when cooked swells and cooks through without getting soggy (except its left to boil for way too long)

The Abakaliki ofada rice on the other hand becomes soggy quite easily .

Buying ofada rice in Nigeria
Local brown rice, it’s also ofada rice but has more bran than the regular ofada rice

Storage of ofada rice.

You get to buy ofada rice after it has been well dried.

This naturally increases the lifespan of the grain.

Ofada rice can last as long as 1 year in your house.

However, its best to follow the practice of keeping it a closed container and avoid moisture from reaching the grains.

Seasons for ofada rice

Between August and September, you should get to purchase this locally produced rice at the lowest rate.

This is as a result of influx of freshly harvested ofada rice in the market.