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Looking to buy Frozen chicken (soft) Online?

How long can you keep Frozen chicken?

So many factors determine how long you can save chicken in the freezer for, electricity supply being a major one. When chicken is saved under constant electricity supply, it keeps for longer. However, when chicken is thawed and returned back to the freezer constantly, freshness drops and it might not keep for as long as it should. Most references say chicken can keep for up to a year but it is safe to say when trying to figure out the freshness of chicken, check the smell and firmness of the meat.

How to cook frozen chicken without thawing

Depending on the size of the pieces of chicken cuts, you can cook frozen chicken without thawing. The temperature at which you cook the chicken is very important as there’s an unsafe temperature for cooking meats to make sure they don’t get infected with micro-organisms that can be harmful.  to the body. You can cook frozen chicken cuts in an instant pot or over a roasting rack or over vegetables to allow the heat circulate. This method might not be so appropriate for whole chicken as you might end up with chicken that’s too dry on one part and well cooked in other parts.

Can I grill frozen chicken

Grilling is one of the recommended ways to cook frozen chicken because it is done at a high temperature, which makes it a safe way to handle chicken meat.

How to Season frozen chicken

To ensure the seasoning circulates through the chicken, spices can be mixed in a bowl with olive oil and brushed over the chicken or massage the spice mix into the chicken.

How to Thaw Frozen chicken

There are 3 easy ways to thaw chicken

  • Using a microwave; chicken thawed this way must be cooked immediately to avoid contamination.
  • In a refrigerator; Chicken can be taken out of the freezer and kept in the fridge to thaw, this is quite safe and will usually take up to 24hours to thaw.
  • In Coldwater; place frozen chicken in a leakproof bag, submerge the bag in cold water and change the water every 20-30minutes. This will usually take 2-3 hours to thaw.


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Frozen soft chicken

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