Red Crayfish

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Half derica of medium sized red crayfish. available in half derica and full derica quantities.


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ede pupa

ede pupa

fresh oporo


What the difference between red crayfish (oporo / ede pupa) and white crayfish?

Red crayfish is dried prawns, they are much larger in size when compared to the white crayfish. The colour of the red crayfish is redish while that of white crayfish is kind of brownish. The flavor of the red crayfish is smoky while that of the white crayfish is fishy. Red crayfish is called “okporo” in Igbo and “ede pupa” in Yoruba .

How to preserve red crayfish/ ede pupa / oporo

Before buying crayfish especially in large quantities; it is important to look out for dryness. If the crayfish you buy is not dry enough, simply air dry or oven dry for a few minutes to get rid of the damp. How dry the crayfish is will determine how long it can be stored for, once crayfish is well dried, it becomes possible to store for even longer . One of the easy ways to check for how dry crayfish is , is by weight, when crayfish feels unusually heavy or is very damp on touch , it needs a bit more drying . If large quantity of crayfish will be stored for a long time, it is best to clean it and keep it whole (don’t blend it). You can then store in an air tight containerĀ  in a cool and dry place away from heat ; if you live in an area where there is constant electricity, you can store the container/ air tight bag in the fridge. To avoid staleness or ants/worms, blend in reasonable quantities per time ( say enough to last for 3-4 weeks per time).

Dampness of crayfish results in staleness and /or makes the crayfish more susceptible to attack from ants and worms. This overtime affects the taste such that over time it can become inedible.

Health benefits of dried crayfish / red crayfish

Crayfish is a natural spice; most people trying to reduce their intake of artificial seasoning use it as a major spice in their meals.


  • Crayfish contains omega 3 acids which is very good for brain development in children; omega 3 is also good for eye and skin health.
  • It contains magnesium and calcium which is very good for the bones.
  • It contains iron which is good for production and circulation of blood.
  • Contains sodium and potassium which helps to balance out body fluids.
  • Contains high quality protein which is good for developing body muscles
  • It is also rich in vitamin and minerals that are good cell regeneration.

Nutritional contents of crayfish include

Zinc, Sodium, Selenium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Calcium, Folate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Omega 6, Omega 3


Shelf life of red crayfish / oporo / ede pupa

crayfish is able to keep for up 8-12 months depending on how it is stored

  • For the regular brown crayfish, make sure it is really dry especially if you are grinding to keep for long, you can also keep in the fridge to extent the shelf life.
  • If it is not as dry, you can blend in bits and make sure you store in a tightly sealed bag or container in a fridge.
  • One of the best ways you can dry crayfish is in a dehydrator, it helps retain the freshness and flavor of the fish.


Properly dried and stored crayfish can be preserved for up to 4-6 months.


– How to eat crayfish

The whole part of the fish is edible. However when you are cooking with the whole smoked prawns ( red crayfish), you might want to remove the head of the crayfish as it can make the soup bitter, however, if you are blending the smoked prawns (red crayfish), you can blend with the head and use to season meals.

– Do you deliver red crayfish/ ede pupa / oporo abroadĀ  (outside Nigeria)

Yes we do, we have different shipping options to the United states and the United kingdom depending on customer’s preference. Our minimum order quantities for outside Nigeria is 5kg.

– Do you sell red crayfish/ oporo/ ede pupa in wholesale quantities?

Yes we do, kindly reach out to us via email / phone call/ DM for more details.


– Do you have a walk- in store we can pick up from ?

We do not have a walk in store , you can place your orders online and it will be delivered to you.

– Difference between crayfish and crawfish.

There is no difference. Crayfish goes by several names and crawfish is one of them.

How long does it take to deliver ?

It takes 24-72 hours to deliver within Lagos depending on the quantity ordered


Additional information

Additional information

Red crayfish

Half derica, Full derica

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2 reviews for Red Crayfish

  1. supo05 (verified owner)

    i am really happy with what i got, the red crayfish delivered were the really big ones as promised. The dry vegetables came clean and very fresh, the scent leaves still had that fresh aroma…will definitely be back for more soon.

  2. sotaiwo07 (verified owner)

    Everything came very fresh, i particularly like the size of the crayfish.

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