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5 litre pure palmoil – properly processed , unadulterated . Available in 2.5litre kegs also.


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Benefits of red palm oil

Palmoil contains saturated fat, unsaturated fats, Vitamin E and antioxidants.

  • It has no effect on blood cholestrol.
  • It is used as treatment for Vitamin A deficiency.
  • It contains antioxidants which helps strengthen the immune system.

Does palm oil cause cancer

Palm oil is a raw material for a large number of products (eg – instant noodles, butter, toothpaste); the processing of some of these products requires palm oil being heated to temperatures over 200 Degrees Celsius it usually forms a contaminant which is linked to cancer. It is therefore important to look out when using processed products made from palmoil and make sure the processes involved in manufacture don’t involved heating the palmoil to unhealthy temperatures.

Does palm oil darken the skin

Palmoil is known to contain a couple of nutrients that can be applied for healthy skin; however, there’s not research to link palm oil to skin darkening. It is also important to note that palmoil is coloured oil.


Is palm oil good for you

Palmoil is an anti oxidant and vitamin rich oil ; anti oxidants helps strengthen the immune system, while the vitamins provide multiple health benefits. Palmoil  also contains saturated and unsaturated fats so when consumed in moderation it balances out the cholesterol level in the body.

Price of palm oil

When Bad Palmoil is used to cook, it can mess up the taste and smell of the entire pot of food.

Here’s 3 things to look out for when buying Palmoil

1) smell, palm oil shouldn’t have a pungent smell

2) consistency ,theres a particular consistency to look out for.

3) Taste, the taste of good oil should be bland leaving no after taste in your mouth…


Additional information

Additional information

Pure palmoil

2.5litres, 5 litres

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