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How long can you keep a frozen turkey

Frozen turkey can be kept or up to a year in a freezer with constant electricity supply. Though the taste and flavor won’t be so good after being in the freezer for such a long time. As the taste a food deteriorates with the length of time it spends in the freezer.

How long does it take to defrost a frozen turkey

The best way to let whole turkey thaw is in the fridge and the length o time this will take depends on whether its whole turkey or turkey parts.

For whole turkey, the weight determines how long it will take to defrost in the fridge.

4- 6kg takes 1-2 days

6.5- 8kg takes 2-3 days

8.5 – 10kg takes 4-5days

10.5 – 12kg takes 5-6 days

Does a frozen turkey weigh more

Do you brine a frozen turkey

Yes , it is possible to brine frozen turkey. You can thaw and brine frozen turkey at the same time. This involves soaking the turkey in salted water that might also contain other seasonings/spices. Brining is believed to improve the flavor, taste and texture of roasted turkey.

How to tell if frozen turkey is bad

You can tell if frozen turkey is bad from the colour, if the skin is grayish/greenish in color , it is most likely bad. Also if the skin feels slimy, you really should throw it out .

Price of frozen turkey

In Nigeria, frozen chicken is sold per kg and in cartons ; the prices are not fixed as its highly unstable.







Frozen turkey



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Additional information

Frozen turkey

1kg, 5kg, 10kg

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