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cauliflower (1 head)

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Buy Cauliflower

Buy cauliflower

buy cauliflower

Do you know that Cauli rice is eaten as a substititute for white rice?

how to make cauliflower rice

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– What is cauliflower good for people who are health wise

It has a lot of nutrients in it that helps in fighting cancer, maintaining a good heart among many other things. It also has components that aid digestion and assist in weight loss.

– Does cauliflower have fibre

Yes it does. It is rated as a good source for dietary fibre

– Is Cauliflower fruit or vegetable

It is a vegetable

-Where is the edible part of cauliflower

The part that is being consumed is the white part called the head.

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Buy cauliflower (1 head), available on sundays , for delivery on Mondays 

Kindly pre-order before sunday ,for delivery on monday 

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