Sweet bell pepper


1 Sweet bell pepper

1 sweet bell pepper (red/green/orange/yellow), freshness guaranteed.

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Sweet bell pepper


sweet bell pepper

sweet bell peppers

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Difference between bell pepper and capsicum

All bell peppers belong to the family capsicum, they (bell peppers) come in various colors – green, yellow, red and orange.

How many calories in a red bell pepper

100grams of red bell pepper contains  31 calories

Types of bell pepper

The common bell peppers in the Nigerian market include – Red , Orange , yellow and green bell peppers.

The best way to cut a bell pepper

The way you cut your bell peppers should depend on the meal you are cooking, however, the common way most cut their bell peppers is in strips.

What is a bell pepper – fruit or vegetable?

Because of how bell peppers are grown and used in meals, its safe to say they are botanical fruits but culinary vegetables.

What is the benefits of bell pepper?

Bell peppers are low in calories, rich in Vitamin A, C , minerals wand anti oxidants


recipe for sweet bell pepper sauce

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Additional information

Additional information

Sweet bell pepper

1 sweet bell pepper (red/green/orange/yellow), freshness guaranteed.

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