Kiwi (500g)


kiwi (500g)


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How many kiwi fruits make 500g

5 kiwi fruits make 500g (depending on the size of the fruit).

The days of the week when you are likely to get kiwi

We get fresh stock on Mondays, thurdays and fridays so its best to order a day ahead

How long does it usually take to deliver?

We deliver within 24-72hours after order is placed

How to store kiwi at home

Kiwi fruits are usually harvested unripe so they keep through the journey from farm to consumer. Kiwi can keep for up to 4- 6 months after harvest if properly stored.

Here are the 3 best ways to store kiwi at home in Nigeria

  • In the fridge ; if kiwi is unripe (unripe kiwi is always very hard to touch), it can be stored in the fridge for up to a month, If its already ripe, you would only be able to save it for a week or two (with constant electricity supply).
  • In the freezer ; kiwi fruit can be stored in the freezer, whole , sliced or blended. This will change the texture of the fruit, however the taste and flavor will remain the same. To store it whole, simply wash and peel, transfer into a ziploc bag and keep in the freezer till you are ready to consume.
  • In open air (a cool and dry place) , away from heat. This is not good for already ripe kiwi, however, if the kiwi is yet to ripe , you can store it this way for about 4 days. Just pour the fruit into a basket and leave in open air, away from heat. This will keep it fresh and cause it to ripen in a few days after which you will need to consume or store it in the fridge so it does not begin to rot.

Allergy to kiwi fruit

Allergic reaction to kiwi fruit can either be mild or severe.

Mild reactions usually just involves itching in the mouth , tongue and lips after fruit is eating. You can also experience skin rashes.

Severe cases however can result in abdominal pain, swelling of mouth and throat, breathing difficulties,anaphylactic shock, numbness of lips and throat, vomiting, loss of consciousness.

Please report cases of allergy to a medical doctor.

Are kiwi fruit good for diabetics

Research shows that kiwi fruit has low glycemic index, this means that it is very helpful with controlling blood sugar levels; making it one of the top fruits that diabetics can take without the fear of it affecting their blood sugar adversely.


Are kiwi fruit acidic

Kiwi is an acidic fruit, however, when eaten , it is alkaline forming in the body.

Best way to peel kiwi fruit

Here is 3 ways you can peel kiwi fruit

  • Using a bread knife or vegetable peeler; hold the fruit in one hand and the knife or vegetable peeler in the other. Moving from one end of the fruit to the other, use the knife or vegetable peeler to remove the skin, be careful not too take off too much flesh with the skin as you peel..
  • Using a table spoon, cut off both ends of the kiwi fruit using a knife then insert a tablespoon between the skin and the flesh of the fruit, push in the spoon down into the fruit  , apply some pressure as you move the spoon round the fruit. The skin should come off easily at this point.
  • Blanching; drop the kiwi fruit in boiling water for 20- 30 seconds, remove and put in cold water , allow to cool then peel off skin with your fingers.

Benefits of kiwi fruit during pregnancy

Kiwi fruit is very rich in folate which is very good for healthy development of foetus during early pregnancy. It is also rich in vitamin C, Low in sugar , fat and contains no cholestrol.  It is a very good fruit for pregnant women except the expectant mother is allergic to Kiwi fruits.

Can you freeze kiwi fruit

yes you can.

You can either freeze the fruit whole, sliced or blended provided there’s constant electricity supply.

Can babies eat kiwi fruit

Babies can be introduced to kiwi fruit at between 8-10 months. To monitor how your baby reacts to kiwi, try to feed them little quantities at first . You also should probably try it out at a time your baby has not had any food prior.

Can you eat kiwi fruit skin

Kiwi fruit skin is edible but most people avoid it because of the texture ( the skin is kind of “hairy”). Most of the anti oxidant contained in the kiwi fruit is in the skin.  The kiwi fruit skin is especially rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folate and fiber. So except the skin irritates the insides of your mouth, we advise you consume the fruit alongside its skin.

If its too much of a bother for you, simply blend the kiwi (with skin) alongside other fruits when making your smoothie so you don’t miss out on the nutritional goodness.

Calories in kiwi fruit

100grams of kiwi fruit contains 61 calories

1 kiwifruit of about 69g contains about 42 calories


Does kiwi fruit help you sleep

Research shows that kiwis can improve the quality of sleep ,if eaten just before sleep.

Kiwis are rich in serotonin and antioxidants both of which are known to improve the quality of sleep if eaten just before sleep.

Does kiwi fruit increase platelets


Is kiwi fruit citrus

Kiwi is not a citrus fruit, however, it is high in vitamin C.

Eating kiwi fruit while trying to conceive

Kiwi fruits are not known to affect fertility or conception in any way, however, kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamin C,  vitamin E, Folate, Fibre, antioxidants which are all great for the immune system.

How to ripen kiwi fruit

This can be done in 2 ways but the first thing is the make sure sure the kiwi fruits do not have bruises. If there are any ones with bruises, take them out.

Method 1-

Put them in a basket or bowl and expose them to room temperature (away from sun or heat) ; they should ripen in 3-5 days

Method 2-

Tie them in a paper bag with apples or bananas (these fruits emit gases which make other fruits ripen quicker), this should make the kiwi ripen in a day or 2.

To know when kiwi is ripe, press your thumb against the fruit , it should be soft (not too soft) and firm to touch. Once it is ripe , you can store it in the fridge to keep for longer , except you are consuming it with few days.


Is kiwi fruit keto friendly


Yoruba name for kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is of Chinese origin; there’s no local Nigerian name for this fruit, however , we can translate “kiwi fruit” in yoruba as “eso kiwi”

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Ways you can enjoy kiwi fruit

  • As a snack – with yogurt, fresh berries, granola and pure honey (optional).
  • In a smoothie containing kale , orange juices, blueberries, apples, pineapple.

Kiwi fruit

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Kiwi 500g

kiwi (500g), 5-6 kiwi fruits make 500g. Delivery is made 24-72 hours after order is placed.

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