Smoked Eja Osan

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Pack of 10 pieces each

we also have an option of combo packs – The pack contains – aadun (10 wraps), alligator pepper (21), obi abata (21), orogbo (21), smoked eja osan (21 pieces)



smoked eja osan

asa fish

2 sizes of the smoked eja osan

Eja Osan is known to be one of Nigeria’s most expensive type of fish, It is called dansarki in hausa and azu asa in igbo. It is not cultivated artificially, instead it is harvested from water where it grows naturally. This is one of the reasons why it is expensive. Fresh eja osan has a shiny skin covered with scales, it is not so bony, just the middle bone. Smoked eja osan is usually one of the items requested as dowry for a yoruba bride during traditional wedding ceremonies.

How long does it take themarketfoodshop to deliver smoked eja osan after purchase?

When you buy smoked eja osan from us,It takes between 24hours to 72hours for us to deliver depending on your location, we are able to deliver within and outside Lagos.

Smoked eja osan comes in packs of 10, We sell in 2 different sizes  (Check instore for pictures)


Can I get other “Eru iyawo” items from Themarketfoodshop?

Yes, You can get other items like alligator pepper, obi abata, orogbo and aadun from us. We have a combo pack containing all these items including smoked eja osan, kindly check instore to buy.


What is eja osan called in English?

It is called Aba knife fish not “orange fish” 🙂

Does Eja osan have scales?

Yes it does, it’s a scaly fish. Other types of scaly fish in Nigeria include – Tilapia fish (also known as epinya) and fresh croaker fish.

How to cook eja osan?

The first step to cooking fresh eja osan is removing the scales on it, after which  it is then seasoned with salt and other seasoning before cooking in soup , stew or better still you can smoke.

Where to buy eja osan

Smoked Eja osan can be bought from themarketfoodshop , we sell different sizes. It is also sold in open markets.


Price of eja osan

we sell 2 different sizes of smoked eja osan

kindly check for price instore


What does the medium size look like?

smoked eja osan for eru iyawo

this is the medium size, it comes in packs of 10 pieces


What does the big size look like?

This is the big size, it comes in packs of 10pieces

How many days does it take to deliver?

It takes us 24-72 hours to deliver (this is subject to availability).

What is the shelf life of smoked eja osan?

This depends on how dry the fish is as well as how it is stored. Very dry eja osan can keep for 2-3weeks , if wrapped in paper and stored in a tightly sealed carton. However, if you will like it to keep for up to 2-3 months, we can further dry in a dehydrator or dryer just to remove more moisture from the fish , then store in vacuum sealed nylon/polythene bags; this method helps with freshness and retaining the taste of the fish for longer. If you will like to present it as part of the eru iyawo , its best to have it delivered 2-3 days before the event.

What is the weight of each pack?

Each pack of smoked eja osan contains 10pieces of fish, the weight of the medium pack is between 0.75kg- 0.85kg ,while the weight of the big pack is between 1.15kg – 1.30kg

Can we get other “eru iyawo” items from Themarketfoodshop?

Yes you can .

We are also able to help you source and package all items on your “eru iyawo” list at a cost. Below is a package we put together for a customer.

eru iyawo

Some of the “eru iyawo” items packaged for a customer.

Eja osan stew


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smoked eja osan

sample – eru iyawo list

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SMOKED EJA OSAN (asa fish)

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4 reviews for Smoked Eja Osan

  1. taiwoirebami (verified owner)

    Thanks for your promptness, it actually meets the size

  2. johancyresources (verified owner)

    Ur service is prompt, i love it ! keep up the good work.

  3. akintomide (verified owner)

    We are enjoying the fish and I appreciate your products, professionalism and honesty.
    These traits are very rare to find in motherland.
    You are on the steps to greatness and may the Lord single you out of the lots.
    Try to sustain your integrity and exempt yourself from the crowd- ‘the wealth of the gentiles’ , work hard with honesty as that is one of the secrets of open heavens.
    Have a blessed day and we shall soon place another order.

  4. dorisojo (verified owner)

    I don’t give reviews online, but I am compelled to do so this time, so that I can thank all the people at the Market Food Shop in Lagos, Nigeria; in particular, Olayemi.
    Having purchased food items for the home at their online store, I was impressed by their professionalism in assisting me with my choices, the packaging and the freshness of all my purchases when they were delivered at the promised time. So, when I found myself in need of ‘Eru Iyawo’ items to be sought, packaged, and delivered at very short notice, having been let down by another company a few days to my son’s traditional engagement ceremony, I turned to Olayemi and team. They stepped in and put everything together without much supervision and delivered all items beautifully presented in our colours, and on time too! Thank you very much to TMFS for a job excellently done! And I will recommend you highly, whenever I can. Mrs. D Ojo – London.

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