Kolanuts (Obi abata)


Kola nut (obi abata) 21 pieces

Presented with eru iyawo for traditional wedding ceremonies.

Available on pre-order.

We also have combo packs that contain – orogbo (21), obi abata (21), alligator pepper (21 ), smoked eja osan (21 pieces), aadun (10 wraps)

Obi abata takes 1-2 days to deliver

combo packs take 4-5 days to deliver



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kola nut (Obi abata)


Kola nut (obi abata)

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– obi abata in english

It is called Kolanut in english

 – What type of kolanut is used for yoruba traditional weddings

Depends on the type requested by the bride’s family in Eru Iyawo list, there’s the obi gbanja, obi ajoopa, obi abata.

Additional information

Additional information

KOLANUTS a.k.a obi abata

Obi abata (21), combo pack 1, combo pack 2

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