Alligator pepper (Ataaere)


Alligator pepper a.k.a ataere

A pack of alligator pepper (21) or combo packs containing the The pack contains – aadun (10 wraps), alligator pepper (21), obi abata (21), orogbo (21), smoked eja osanĀ  (21 pieces)

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Alligator pepper

A pack contains 21 pieces of alligator pepper.


Yoruba traditional wedding list


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You can easily buy many items on your ” eru iyawo ” traditional wedding list from themarketfoodshop, these items include – alligator pepper, orogbo, aadun , smoked eja osan, Pure honey

How long does it take to deliver alligator pepper?

*For just the alligator pepper – 1-2days

* For the combo packs 4-5 days


obi abata

obi abata, bitter kola (orogbo), alligator pepper

Additional information

Additional information

Alligator pepper a.k.a ataaere

Alligator pepper (21), combo pack 1, combo pack 2

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