Adun (Peppered Corn Meal)


10 WRAPS OF PEPPERED CORN MEAL (aadun)for yoruba traditional weddings, available on pre-order.

We also have a combo pack that contains – aadun (10 wraps), alligator pepper (21), obi abata (21), orogbo (21), smoked eja osan (21 pieces); the combo packs comes with 500ml Pure honey (free)



Looking to buy Adun (Peppered Corn Meal) online?

peppered corn meal (aadun / adun)


We know you need adun as part of the “eru iyawo” list you will presenting to the bride’s family for the traditional wedding ceremony. We also know you will be needing other items like eja osan, orogbo, obi abata, Honey, palm oil, alligator pepper…. You can get all these items to buy in one place from

A pack contains 10 wraps

peppered corn meal (Aadun / adun)

What other “eru iyawo” items can we buy from Themarketfoodshop?

  • Alligator pepper
  • Obi Abata
  • Orogbo
  • Smoked eja osan
  • Pure honey

In store, We have a combo pack of alligator pepper, obi abata, aadun, orogbo and smoked eja osan (our combo pack comes with 500ml honey free)

How long does it take to deliver aadun?

It takes 4-5 days to deliver aadun as well as the combo pack

How to make aadun 

View the eru iyawo list

Additional information

Additional information


A pack of 10 wraps, combo pack 1, combo pack 2

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