Moi moi leaves


a pack of fresh moi moi leaves for wrapping moi moi, agidi, ekuru

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Moi moi leaf

Moi moi leaves also known as “uma leaves” /”etere” / “ewe eran” / “adundunmitan”/ “akwukwo elele”. It is used to wrap not just other foods like “amala”, pounded yam, ofada rice.

Moi moi leaves in america

It is possible to have moi moi leaves (as well as other Nigerian raw foods) delivered to you from Nigeria to America. Orders can be placed on the website or via whatsapp on +234-817-204-4701

Benefits of moi moi leaf

  • Moi moi leaves add distinctive taste and flavor to moi moi
  • They are the most healthy option for wrapping up moi moi, they are natural , organic, harmless and medicinal.
  • Moi moi cooked in leaves , cooks quite fast.


English name for moi moi leaf

The scientific name for moi moi leaves is Thaumacoccus Daniellii .

leaf for moi moi

how to preserve moi moi leaf

  • Wrap up the leaves with newspaper or brown paper.
  • Tie it up in a nylon (polythene) bag.
  • Put it in the fridge, it should keep for atleast 2 weeks ,possibly more.

How to wrap moi moi in leaves

  • Cut off the stalk of the leaves and arrange at the base of the pot.
  • Take 2 leaves (1 big , 1 small), place the bigger one under the small one and place the smaller one over the bigger one in a slanty manner.
  • Wrap one base to the right and the other over it to the left to form a cone.
  • Carefully bend the cone backwards.
  • Pour the moi moi mixture into the cone ,then fold at the top , the same way the bottom was folded.
  • Place the wrap carefully into the pot, make sure to place the folded base beneath so it doesnot spill or burst while cooking.




how to wrap moi moi in leaves

how to preserve ripe plantain, moi moi /ugwu leaves

– ingredients for moi moi

The main ingredients for moi moi is peeled beans ,oil,peppers and onions;  which is then blended together and mixed with other things based on individual preference.

– what is cabbage moi moi

This is an alternative kind of moi moi that is common to the ketogenic diet

– is moi moi fattening

It would depend on the ingredients you use in preparing it.


Additional information

Additional information

Moi moi leaves

a pack of fresh moi moi leaves for wrapping moi moi, agidi, ekuru……

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