Abuja Kilishi


Abuja kilishi

Kilishi straight from Abuja, Nigeria.

Freshly produced under hygienic conditions.

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we sell abuja Kilishi (also known as beef jerky)

Our kilishi is well seasoned and Freshly produced for delivery under hygienic conditions.

How long does it take to deliver when I order?

Same day or next day delivery, based on availability.

How long can kilishi be stored for?

Depending on how it is stored ,it can keep for up to 6 months. It should be kept in an air tight bag or container , away from heat and moisture/ water.



1 and a half of this is what you get for 5000, 2 and a half of this is what you get for N10000 of our Abuja Kilishi
















If stored properly ( tightly sealed and away from moisture) ,Kilishi can be stored for between 8-12 months .

How to store kilishi

Kilishi is best stored in a cool and dry place, away from moist. Keep kilishi away from water as that will shorten the shelf life


6 of this make up our N10000 pack of Abuja kilishi


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we also have suya spice seasoning

Can you deliver outside Nigeria?

We are able to deliver to Canada, however, the shipping rate differs from the local shipping rate, kindly reach out to us via whatsapp for more details.

Kindly check instore Themarketfoodshop.com to buy


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Additional information

Additional information

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Abuja kilishi

Kilishi straight from abuja, bulk quantity. Freshly produced under hygienic conditions.

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