Roasted Guinea Fowl


1 whole spicy and freshly roasted guinea fowl (awo) freshness guaranteed.

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Roasted guinea fowl

Roasted guinea fowl is also called Awo

How long does it take Themarketfoodshop to deliver after order for roasted guinea fowl is placed?

Because we roast on order, we are usually unable to do same day deliveries for orders placed after 10am, otherwise, it will be delivered on the next day.

Is your roasted guinea fowl spicy?

Yes, it is. It isĀ  seasoned with pepper and other spices before roasting.

Before roasting, we season the fresh guinea fowl with a fresh pepper mix containing ginger, garlic, seasoning cubes and salt.


What quantity of guinea fowl do I get when I order for 1?

A whole roasted guinea fowl is what you get when you order for 1

Do you deliver on sundays?

No, we don’t. Orders placed on sundays can be delivered on any other day of the week (except sunday).

How fresh is your roasted guinea fowl?

Our roasted guinea is freshly roasted on order and delivered to you


Can you deliver outside Lagos?

At the moment, we are unable to deliver roasted food outside Lagos


How to preserve roasted guinea fowl

To store and keep it fresh for up to a month, roasted guinea fowl can be wrapped up in a layer of foil paper , tied in a polythene bag or ziploc bag and kept in the freezer. For ease of eating you can just cut the guinea fowl into 4 equal parts before putting in the freezer. When you are ready to eat , simply warm in the microwave. Control the temperature of the microwave so it does not over dry it. Keep your suya spice handy ; you can sprinkle it over the roasted guinea fowl to enjoy it better once you are done warming in the microwave.

How to pack roasted guinea fowl when traveling outside Nigeria with it

This depends on how long your journey will be before you get the chance to put it in the freezer

There are 2 ways you can do this

Method 1 ( for long journeys)

1. Cut the full roasted guinea fowl to smaller chunks.
2. Transfer into a zip lock bag (s)

3. Keep in a freezer for atleast 48 hours; until it is well frozen and rock solid ( make sure its a freezer that freezes well and that electricity supply is uninterrupted during this time).

4. When you are ready to travel, take out the ziplock bag from the freezer, wrap round with bubble wrap, seal it together cellotape.

5. Transfer into a thermal/ insulated bag before putting into your luggage.

6. Make sure you unpack once you get to your destination.

If well frozen, the roasted guinea fowl will be well preserved even for journeys that are up to almost 2 days (48hours)

Method 2 ( for shorter trips of 6-8 hours)

1. Roasted guinea fowl should be roasted as drier than normal.

2. Wrap in brown pepper when traveling.

3. Make sure you unpack immediately you arrive at your destination.



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Additional information


1 whole spicy and freshly roasted guinea fowl (awo) freshness guaranteed.

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