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Kilishi (also known as beef jerky) straight from abuja, available in bulk quantities. Freshly produced under hygienic conditions.

Freshness guaranteed.


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We sell fresh and hygienically prepared Abuja kilishi

Can a pregnant woman eat kilishi

Because of the way kilishi is processed and its salt content, it is advised that pregnant women stay away from it. In case of cravings, Feel free to replace it with properly seasoned and cooked steak.

Is kilishi keto compliant

Kilishi is a suitable low carb snack that can be taken by individuals on a keto diet but it must be consumed in moderation.

Calories in kilishi

100g of kilishi contains the following

  • 123 Calories
  • Fat – 1g
  • protein – 20g
  • Carbs -3g

How long does kilishi last

The shelf life of kilishi is highly dependent on how it is stored. It can keep for up to 12 months if stored in tightly sealed brown paper or plastic bag (must not be too thick) in a cool and dry place.

English name for kilishi

The english name for kilishi is beef jerky

Kilishi nigerian food

Kilishi (also known as beef jerky) available , Freshly produced under hygienic conditions. Available for delivery worldwide


Can Kilishi be shipped outside Nigeria?

At the moment, we cannot ship kilishi outside Nigeria, however, if you have a family or friend in Nigeria coming your way, we can deliver to him/her to bring for you. It will be properly packed and tightly sealed.


2 and a half of this is what you get for 5000, 5 of this is what you get for N10000 of our Abuja Kilishi

Kilishi (Nigerian dried meat)

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How spicy is our Abuja Kilishi?

Our Abuja kilishi is spicy, depending on how much heat you can take, we would say the spice level is just medium heat

What is Nigerian Kilishi ?

Kilishi is Nigerian beef jerky , it is made from cow meat seasoned with spices like ginger, pepper, onions…. its a dry form of suya.

How long can you keep Kilishi for?

Well dried kilishi can be stored for up to 12 months at room temperature

Is Kilishi Beef Jerky?

Yes it is, its Nigerian Beef Jerky

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Additional information

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2 reviews for Kilishi

  1. olamideakindunbi28 (verified owner)

    Has a spicy and fresh taste, reminds me of the kilishi i had last time i was in Abuja ??? plus delivery was prompt

  2. adronald4 (verified owner)

    The kilishi is fresh and on point. Delivery is also timely

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