Bonga Fish (agbodo) / Shawa


Bonga fish (shawa fish)

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bonga fish

This is what the unpeeled bonga fish looks like

Bonga/Shawa Fish (peeled)

this is what the peeled bonga (shawa) fish

What is the shelf life of bonga fish/ shawa fish?

If properly stored, Well dried bonga fish can keep for up to 6 months . If you like to snack on it, keep it in a tightly sealed bag and store in the fridge (with constant electricity supply). If you would usually just cook with it and will like to keep for longer, keep in a tightly sealed bag and store in the freezer.

What does a pack of peeled bonga fish contain?

It contains 10 peeled bonga fish




Additional information

Additional information

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Bonga fish (shawa fish)

peeled shawa fish, 15 unpeeled shawa fish, 50 unpeeled or unpeeled shawafish, bonga fish (agbodo) 25, bonga fish (agbodo) 50

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