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Shaki (tripe)


fresh shaki (tripe)

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Shaki (Tripe)


Shaki meat


Shaki meat in english

Shaki is called tripe in english

is cow tripe red meat

Cow tripe (shaki) is obtained from the entrails of a cow, it is not red meat . It is nutritious . When seasoned ,cooked tender and added to soups and stews, it comes out very tasty.

How many pieces of shaki can i get from each pack?

The pack of shaki for N1300 contains between 8-10 pieces depending on the size of each piece.

The full sack depending on the size per piece, can be cut into between 15-20 pieces, it is popularly called “shakoto” by¬† butchers .

Additional information

Additional information


500g, 1kg, full sac

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