Brown Pap (Ogi Baba)



Made from guinea corn ; made on order so takes about 6-7 days to deliver after order.


can be mixed with other natural cereals to create a wholesome and healthy food for babies.


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Brown pap

Also known as Ogi baba

How to preserve pap without freezer

Wet pap needs to be properly preserved to last long enough as wet pap changes taste due to the bacteria contained from the fermentation during processing . Here is 3 ways wet pap can be preserved

  • Wet pap can be dried under the sun or in an oven then transferred into a ziploc bag and tightly sealed for storage.
  • Transfer wet pap into a container (that has a tight lid), pour enough water over the pap in the container ,cover with the lid and place in the fridge. Make sure you change the water daily. You can also just put the wet pap in a freezer bag, tightly seal and store in a refrigerator (the one with water will most like retain freshness for longer).
  • Transfer wet pap into a container (that has a tight lid), pour enough water over the pap in the container ,cover with the lid and place anywhere safe in your kitchen. Make sure you change the water daily.


Is akamu fattening?

Akamu (also known as pap) is not fattening, it is a light cereal. However, other foods that accompany it (like sugar and milk) can make it fattening .

How to make pap for babies

When making pap for babies, the first thing to consider is nutrition. A combination of these 3 grains – Millet , guinea corn and maize provide babies with the essential nutrients required for growth and development. Other foods that can be added include – cinnamon, ginger,cloves, soya beans, ground fish and crayfish .


Method of preparation

  • Wash grains to remove sand, dirt , stones, bad grains; you will need to do this severally till it is clean.
  • Pour grains into a container (that has a lid) and fill it up with water.
  • Leave grains to soak ( and ferment) in water for about 3 days, change water daily.
  • Wash out grains from water and blend to smooth paste (depending on what extra ingredients you choose to add,you can add them before blending- cinnamon,ginger,cloves…., the fish is best added when cooking the pap).
  • Mix the blended paste with water till it becomes watery, then using a cotton cloth you can sieve the paste. Get a clean bowl, tie the cloth firmly over the top of the bowl then pour the watery paste on the cloth and use your hand to mix and sieve the paste through the cloth till you get a dry residue. Repeat this process with all the blended paste.
  • Leave the liquid in the bowl to settle for atleast 3 hours so that water comes to the top of the bowl then you can drain it off carefully.
  • Pour what’s left into a cotton cloth sewn in form of a bag; then squeeze out more water . After this tie the cloth, place it on a flat surface, put a heavy item on it ( like a heavy  stone) overnight.
  • Pap is ready, you can store as stated above.

Brown pap benefits

Pap made from guinea corn is commonly referred to as Brown pap .

Brown pap is a good source of energy as it contains cellulose and protein. It contains fiber and is rich in micronutrients like copper, iron, vitamin B, potassium and calcium.

Brown pap vs white pap

Brown pap is made from guinea corn while white pap is made from white corn. White corn contains more fat than guinea corn, however, guinea corn contains significantly higher amounts of calcium, niacin and iron more than white corn .

Is brown pap good for weight loss

Yes , it is. It is has low fat content.


Is brown pap better than white pap

When it comes to the nutritional benefit, brown pap has an edge over white pap. White corn has more fat content than guinea corn (which is used to make brown pap). Guinea corn contains more essential micronutrients than white corn. Micronutrients like calcium, Niacin and iron.

Is brown pap good for diabetics

Yes it is because when eaten, it does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

How to prepare brown pap

  • Transfer required quantity of wet pap into a clean bowl, dissolve with water to get a smooth paste ( make sure it is not too watery or thick). Pour boiling water into paste and stir as you do this until the paste thickens, then you can heat for about a minute. If the paste does not thicken after the boiling water is added, you can transfer into a pot on heat , regulate to medium heat and stir until paste thickens . If you are making it for babies, While heating is the best time to add other foods like soybean powder, groundnut , ground fish and crayfish .

Benefits of eating brown pap

  • It is quite nutritious and can be fortified with other foods like millet, white corn, soya beans, groundnut, ground fish and crayfish to make highly nutritious meals for babies.
  • It is sometimes recommended to nursing mothers to increase the flow of breast milk.
  • It is a light cereal that’s easy to digest.
  • It is a 100% natural meal.

Health benefits of brown pap


Spices for ogi

Spices you can add to ogi include – ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cloves and other aromatic spices (depending on personal preference)

how to make pap

Buy white and yellow pap

What is the difference between brown ogi and white ogi?

The brown one is made from guinea corn while white/yellow ogi is made from white/yellow corn. Guinea corn is richer in nutrient than white /yellow corn. This makes brown ogi more nutritious than yellow/white ogi , sometimes guinea corn is combined with other grains (like millet and soya beans) to make the brown ogi even more nutritious.

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