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Ofada Rice



Ofada rice ; available in derica, half paint and full paint quantities.


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Can a diabetic patient eat ofada rice ?

Diabetics are advised to avoid all white foods; which is why grains like millet, ofada rice, beans, soybeans are good options for them. Ofada rice is a healthy food option for individuals managing diabetes.

Is ofada rice a brown rice ?

Ofada rice is sometimes called Nigerian brown rice.

Is ofada rice good for a pregnant woman?

Ofada rice contains a form of folic acid ; Folic acid is essential for pregnant women as it promotes healthy development of baby while in the womb.

Benefits of eating ofada rice.

Ofada rice is low calorie and gluten free food; It contains nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Phosporous, zinc, dietary fiber, selenium, magnesium, potassium, magnesium.


Difference between brown rice and ofada rice

Ofada rice is Nigerian brown rice, however, there’s brown rice produced outside Nigeria. The brown rice produced outside Nigeria is quite different from ofada rice as it still carries alot of husk so it is very chewy while ofada rice has been dehusked and brown stripes are usually seen on the grains.

Does ofada rice smell ?

Yes, ofada rice has a strong aroma which usually lingers for a while even after the ofada rice has finished cooking. To get rid of the smell , you can open the windows for cross ventilation, you can also turn on scented candles for a while to envelope the smell . Remember to be careful when handling scented candles.


Difference between ofada rice and normal rice

Ofada rice is whole grain , unpolished rice while “normal” (white) rice is polished rice . Alot of nutrients are stripped off rice while polishing it; However , in some cases the polished rice is fortified with certain nutrients to make up for what has been taken off and even in such cases , nutrients contained in “normal” (white / polished) rice still cannot be compared to the natural nutrients available in unpolished rice.


Some like to avoid ofada rice because of its strong aroma, however, because of the way ofada rice is harvested and processed, it gets to retain most of its nutrients and this makes it a healthy option.

Does ofada rice have starch ?

Yes , it does .

What is ofada rice called in English ?

Ofada rice is called local rice or Nigerian brown rice.

Health benefits of eating ofada rice

  • It is whole grain .
  • It contains high quality carbohydrates .
  • It is useful in lowering bad cholesterol levels .
  • It contains atleast 20 times more antioxidants compared to white rice.

Is ofada rice good for weight loss ?

Yes it is.

It lowers the bad cholesterol levels in the body ; bad cholesterol is a major cause of weight gain as it causes insulin resistance in the body making the body store fat.

It is rich in dietary fiber which helps with weight loss; soluble dietary fiber slows down the rate at which food leaves the body, causing the stomach to feel full for longer after a meal, preventing overeating and thereby preventing weight gain.


Is ofada rice whole grain ?

Yes , it is.

During the milling of ofada rice , just the first outer layer is stripped off the grain so that it still retains most of its natural nutrients.

Glycemic index of ofada rice

Ofada rice has a glycemic index of 50 per 150g serving .

How to get rid of ofada rice smell

Because one of the processes involved in the production of ofada rice is fermentation, it has a strong aroma that lingers even after cooking. This aroma can be difficult to get rid of after cooking , however, to reduce this smell when cooking, after washing with cold water, you can wash with hot water and salt before cooking. Also, Parboiling can help too.

When you finish cooking the rice to get rid of the smell you can open the windows for cross ventilation, you can also light scented candles around the house to envelop the smell. Be careful when handling scented candles though.

How to boil ofada rice

  • Wash rice severally , till water runs clear.
  • Pour rice into a pot of boiling water (about 3-4 times the level of the rice in the pot) .
  • Leave it to cook at medium heat for 10-15minutes (do not cover the pot throughout).
  • Parboil to wash off the starch in the rice, do this until water is clear, drain off water.
  • Transfer rice back on burner, add enough water to cover the rice but not too much.
  • Add in salt for taste and leave to cook till rice is soft. Be sure to check on it from time to time so it does not over cook or burn.
  • Once rice is soft, drain off water in a sieve then transfer back into pot. You can transfer pot back to the burner,  turn down heat and leave for like 5 minutes or less so that rice can dry further (optional).

Is abakaliki rice the same as ofada rice

Abakaliki and ofada rice are 2 different varieties of the Nigerian local rice. They are both local , however, their flavors differ.

Abakaliki rice is grown in Ebonyi state while ofada rice is grown across various south western states in Nigeria. Their nutritional compositions differ but these 2 varieties of local rice are packed with nutrients.

Is ofada rice keto compliant

Nutritional benefits of ofada rice

Ofada rice is rich in nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Phosporous, zinc, dietary fiber, selenium, magnesium, potassium, magnesium.


Price of ofada rice

Kindly check instore for the current price of ofada rice; it varies with the season.

Is ofada rice same as local rice

Yes it is.

It is grown locally across various south western states in Nigeria.

It is also sometimes called local brown rice.


How much does a paint bucket of ofada rice?

The price of ofada rice varies with season, for the current price , check instore themarketfoodshop.

How many dericas can be found in a paint bucket of ofada rice?

There are about 5 and half dericas in a paint bucket of ofada rice


ofada rice

Is ofada rice brown rice

ofada rice is local unpolished rice, depending on the level of processing ofada rice can also be called local Nigerian brown rice. The Local Nigerian (ofada) rice is unpolished and different in taste from the imported brown rice. The imported brown rice is more chewy and expensive than ofada rice.

ofada rice

Local (brown) Nigerian “Ofada” rice

Nutritional Value of Ofada rice

A number of health benefits are associated with ofada rice , in general, Ofada rice is unpolished, whole grain and high in Fibre which makes it very suitable for individuals trying to lose weight or watch their carbohydrate intake.


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ofada rice

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