Ogbono (Blended)



Ogbono seeds, blended and dried for easy storage.

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how to store ogbono for a long time

If you will be storing ogbono for more than 3 weeks, it is best to store it in the fridge as whole seeds then blend once you are ready to use. Also for the blended ogbono , it is best stored in a tightly sealed container / nylon bag/ ziploc bag in the fridge.

Is ogbono a vegetable

Ogbono is not a vegetable, they are seeds obtained from the fruit of the African wild mango tree. The seeds are processed, blended and combined with other ingredients to make soup.

Is ogbono soup good for pregnant woman

Yes it is safe for pregnant women to eat ogbono soup; It is healthy to cook and eat ogbono seeds ; ingredients combined with the blended ogbono seeds to make ogbono soup are healthy as well, it is therefore safe for mother and child before and after delivery.


Can i put bitter leaf in ogbono soup

Yes , you can. This however depends on your personal preference.

What is the english name for ogbono

Ogbono has many names in different languages; The english name for ogbono is Irvingia Gabonensis ; it is also called “african bush mango seed”

Health benefits of ogbono

It is used to make medicine, however, there is limited scientific evidence to support this.

Intake of Ogbono seeds has however been linked to weight loss, lowered bad cholesterol and decrease in glucose levels in the human body.


Is ogbono keto friendly

Yes , it can fit into the keto-diet, If taken within the speculated quantity for it.

List of ingredients for ogbono soup

This includes

  • stockfish
  • palmoil
  • crayfish
  • Meat
  • dry fish
  • seasoning
  • vegetable (usually ugwu)
  • Ponmo

Price of ogbono

The price varies with seasons, it is usually sold in derica and paint bucket measurements. Kindly check instore themarketfoodshop for current price.

Why is my ogbono not drawing

Major reasons why your ogbono soup is not drawing include – if it has been blended and stored at home for too long, if its not properly stored ( heat makes ogbono go bad bad really quickly), time of harvest ( during the new season or ogbono, freshly harvested seeds do not draw as much.

Why is my ogbono bitter ?

Ogbono that tastes bitter or like soap has probably gone bad and should be thrown out.


Ogbono (blended)

The picture above shows the 2 faces of ogbono, some like ogbono soup but aren’t too comfortable with the colour so they like the ogbono seeds peeled before blending to give the soup a lighter colour.

Whatever group you fall into, we’ve got u covered . At themarketfoodshop, we’ve got peeled (blended) ogbono and the one that’s not.

– Ogbono in english

It is gotten from the seed of African mango

– Is ogbono soup good for pregnancy and weightloss.

Unless your doctor says otherwise, there is no common side effect of ogbono on preganancy. Ogbono is said to be connected to weightloss, however, the major use of ogbono is as a food ingredient.

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