Cow Ponmo (Skin)


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What are the health benefit of ponmo

Ponmo does not have much in terms of nutritive value, however, its soft and succulent texture makes it a much valued ingredient in most Nigerian homes. It is a major ingredient in most Nigerian soups/ stews and sauces. It is available in wet and dry form.

What is ponmo called in english

It is called cow skin in English

How many calories in ponmo

A 40g piece of ponmo contains 37 calories

Does ponmo have any nutritional value

Ponmo contains only calories

Is ponmo good for weight loss

There is connection between ponmo and weight loss.

Cow ponmo (kpomo)

Can you spot the succulent kpomo with ogiri, snails and other food items in the above picture



Ponmo in English

Alot of Nigerians love ponmo, despite the controversy surrounding it,  Alot of Nigerians still insist on having it as a staple, Ponmo in English is called Cow skin.


Ponmo Ijebu

There are 2 types of ponmo; the ponmo ijebu is the brown ponmo while there’s the white ponmo


Nutritional Value of Ponmo

Ponmo is not known to contain so much nutrients , However, according to a research , it is rich in collagen, a protein that’s essential for holding bones and skin tissues in place

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Additional information

Cow ponmo (kpomo)

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