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Where to buy original honey in Lagos

How to know original honey in Nigeria

Original honey has the following characteristics

  • An mild burning sensation on the throat
  • Does not foam
  • Is not overly thick at room temperature such that when trying to pour it out of a container, it flows consistently in a thin stream.

Does original honey freeze

Honey thickens in the freezer , depending on the variety of bee it is obtained from and this makes it difficult to pour out of the container. The best way to store honey is in glass jars and / or in a cool dry environment. When honey is stored in the fridge, it sometimes crystallizes also making it difficult to pour out of the container; in such cases simply place the jar of honey is warm water to restore the texture.

Does pure honey attract ants

Pure honey is made up of natural sugars . Ants are usually attracted to sugar whether processed or natural. This means that ants are attracted to pure honey just like they are attracted to sugar.

Does original honey foam

Original honey is not supposed to foam.

Does original honey solidify

Depending on the variety of bee the honey is extracted from, A few varieties of original honey sometimes crystallize at certain low temperatures. The best way to avoid this from happening is to store in glass bottles and /or at certain temperatures. Avoid storing honey at temperatures that are too warm.

Does original honey burn

There are different varieties of original honey, some burn while some don’t.

Expiry date of original honey

When stored under the right conditions away from contaminants like water and air, honey can keep for a very long time; as long as 10 years or even more.

Where to get original honey in Lagos

You can get your original honey from themarketfoodshop. We get from source so when you buy from us, quality is guaranteed. Kindly check in store for current prices.

How to store honey?

  • Store honey away from heat.
  • Store in an air tight container and do not leave open after use.
  • Make sure the spoon you use to scoop out honey is dry to prevent it being contaminated with water as this can affect the quality and shelf life of your honey.

When honey crystallizes , does that mean its adulterated?

It is a natural thing for honey to crystallize, though this might make it difficult for you to pour out honey from any container you store it in. However to prevent this from occurring you can store honey in glass bottle. Honey sometimes crystallizes when stored in the fridge too, so if your honey is crystallizing in the fridge , you can keep it outside the fridge but please do not store in an environment that’s too warm. To dissolve crystallized honey, simply place the jar or bottle of honey in slightly (not too ) hot water, keep shaking till it dissolves.

pure honey

Here’s one of the ways you can enjoy pure honey- with Pap (ogi)

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Pure Honey

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