Goat Meat (Ogufe)

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fresh goat meat (ogufe) , softens quickly when cooked

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Is goat meat red meat ?

Yes goat meat is red meat. Meat from turkey , chicken and other poultry birds are called “white meat”.

Benefits of eating goat meat ?

Goatmeat contains lower calories, fats and cholesterol when compared to other red meat and even white meat. It is mostly fish that has lower calories fats and cholesterol when compared to goat meat.  Goat meat contains more of unsaturated fat which is a good source of “good” cholesterol.

Does goat meat taste good?

Goat meat has a strong flavour; this is actually why some love or hate it. This flavor can either be enhanced or toned down to suit personal preference. However, because goat meat is lean meat containing little fat, it is best to cook it at low heat so you end up with soft and juicy (not tough) meat.

Health benefits of goat meat

Goat meat is rich in protein (all the amino acids that the body needs), iron, potassium, vitamin B12 . It is a leaner kind of meat when compared to other kinds of red meat and most white meat.

Ingredients for goat meat pepper soup

  • Goat meat
  • Pepper soup spice mix
  • Fresh pepper (rodo)
  • Onions
  • Scent leaves
  • Seasoning (salt, seasoning cubes…)

Price of goat meat

The price for fresh foods fluctuates, however, we are currently selling goatmeat at N2500/ kg.

Remove goat meat odor

For those who like to tone down the strong taste and flavor of goat meat, here is how you can

  • Trim away as much fat as you can from the goat meat before cooking.
  • Add in some lime/lemon juice into the bowl with goat meat, massage the juice into goat meat and rinse off after 10- 15 minutes.
  • Boil the goat meat with turmeric and ginger before cooking ( be careful not to use too much of the turmeric ).

How many pieces of goat meat can you get from 1kg ?

You can get between 10 – 13 medium sized pieces of goatmeat in 1kg

Whats the difference between goatmeat processed by smoking versus that processed by scraping?

Goat meat processed by smoking has a distinct smoky flavor which the scraped one does not have .






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1 review for Goat Meat (Ogufe)

  1. olamide.opere (verified owner)

    Cut into medium sizes and clean; the only reason I am not giving 5-stars is because of the bones.

    • Olayemi Olajide

      Thank you for the review, pls feel free to notify ( in the note section) if you will like the goatmeat deboned next time, thanks again for the review

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