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Nine (9) Nigerian low calorie meals

Here are 9 low calorie Nigerian meals (consider portion sizes)
1) A wrap of Moi-moi
2) A bowl of Fish peppersoup (with just one piece of fish)
3) Seafood okro with swallow (millet flour)
4) Vegetable salad (add a piece of tuna fish/roasted chicken/roasted guinea fowl/egg for protein)
5) A cup of smoothie mixed with plain unsweetened yoghurt and a piece of spicy roasted guinea fowl
6) one whole boiled plantain with tomato sauce
7) Amala with Gbegiri, ewedu and a piece of fish/chicken/guinea fowl
8) boiled sweet potato with Tomato sauce
9) Wheat pasta/spagetti with tomato sauce (include a piece chicken/fish for protein)
The smoothie can be a mix of orange,pineapple,banana and cucumber
These meals make good dinner options as one serving of these meals contain between 300- 500 calories
Though these meals are low in calories ,portion control is still important..

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