Acha poundo

Meals you can make with Acha (Fonio)

How to cook acha

Acha is a gluten free , healthy grain. It is particularly suitable for diabetics as it does not interfere with their sugar levels.

This grain is very versatile as there are various ways you can enjoy it.

Here are various meals you can make with the healthy acha grains.

  • You can make acha flour into swallow and eat with soup of your choice.
  • You can make acha grains into stir fry, using fresh peppers , veggies and spices for flavor.
stir fry acha

Stir fry acha
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  • It can be cooked plain like white rice; however it cooks way faster than white rice, so its important to watch it closely while cooking so it does not end up soggy .
  • It can be made into a breakfast cereal and enjoyed with nut ,milk and fruits.
  • Acha grains made into flour is suitable for baking.
  • You can make it into jollof like jollof rice.


How to cook with acha

Jollof acha
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So if for any reason you are looking for a healthy replacement for rice or Nigerian swallows (like eba and pounded yam), Acha grains (and flour) is a suitable alternative. Click here to buy acha (fonio) grains as well as acha flour