how to store spices at home

How to preserve spices at home

How to store your spices at home

Have you ever picked up one of your special spices to season a meal only to realize it has caked? This can be really annoying, well, here’s how you can avoid this from happening.

  1. Spices are best stored in air tight containers; avoid exposing them to air as this makes them lose flavor quickly.
  2. Keep spice jars away from direct sunlight ; store your spice jar in a cool dry place.
  3. ┬áStore spice jars away from heat and moisture, as this can result in them becoming clumpy. When you want to add spice to a meal thats still cooking, don’t hold the spice jar over the steaming pot to do so; instead use a dry spoon to scoop out the amount you need, do this away from the heat. Try not to store you spices in shelves that are just above the stove/ cooking gas.


How long should you keep your spices for?

To know how fresh your spice is, check out the appreance, aroma and flavor. Once a spice no longer has its distinct aroma or flavour, it best to discard it.

Whole spices last longer than blended ones. If you refer buying your spices in bulk, its best to buy whole ones and blend a small portion per time. Whole spices are known to last for somewhere between 1-2 years if stored properly.

how to store spices at home

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