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A simple way to properly season and achieve tasty meat and chicken for stews, soups and sauces


Ikg of beef/chicken/turkey

2 tablespoons of thyme

2 seasoning cubes

Salt (to taste)



-Wash beef /chicken/turkey thoroughly

– drain off the water

– add in thyme, squeeze in seasoning cubes

– use hands to rub meat/chicken/turkey together

– Cover bowl and leave aside for an hour or ┬áplace in the fridge for an hour

– place pot on heat, for chicken / turkey ; pour in just enough water to cover chicken /turkey in pot

– add in chopped onions, cover to cook

– when chicken/turkey is cooked, add in salt and cover for 2 minutes to cook

– for beef; place beef in pot, add in chopped onions, let the water from the beef cook it

– add in little water later if you notice the water is drying up

– when beef is cooked ,add in salt and cover for 2 minutes to cook

– drain out the stock (water from boiled meat/chicken/turkey) ; to add in when cooking stews, sauces and soups.

At this point the chicken/meat/turkey should be tasty and ready for grilling, frying and for addition to stews,soups and sauces.


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