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Ata rodo (Fresh)


FRESH ATA RODO – freshness guaranteed.

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Atarodo pepper (scotch bonnet)

Atarodo pepper (Scotch Bonnet)

Difference between atarodo and tatashe

Both peppers are bright red in color when ripe and green when unripe; ata rodo has a hot spicy flavor which adds a “peppery” taste to meals while tatashe has a sweet flavor, it adds redness and thickness to meals giving it a sweet flavor.

Health benefits of atarodo

  • It contains Vitamin A which helps strengthen the immune system .
  • It boosts metabolism; this prevents the body from storing up or retaining fat.
  • Its is a decongestant; it clears out mucus from stuffed nose and in the chest area; this is why the intake of  peppersoup is usually recommended when you have a cold.
  • It is rich in vitamin C which is also very good for a healthy immune system.


What is the english name for atarodo

The english name for ata rodo is scotch bonnet.


How to preserve fresh peppers (Tomatoes, tatashe and rodo) for seasons of scarcity.

People have different methods of storing tomatoes but here is a method of storage that works well such that the pepper stays fresh through out the few months of storage .

– Sort the peppers out first; separate the firm ones from the not so firm ones.

– Wash and portion pepper (tomatoes,tatashe, rodo) into smaller quantities (enough to cook a pot of stew per time).

– Pack the not so firm peppers together and make sure you use them before the others.

– store in the freezer and when you are ready to cook with it, just take out a pack and blend for cooking…

fresh ata rodo (scotch bonnet)

Mix of fresh peppers – Tatashe, rodo, tomatoes

Additional information

Additional information

Fresh ata rodo

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