Dry ugu (and other Nigerian vegetables)


Dry Nigerian vegetables available include – Ugu, ewedu, scentleaves, bitterleaf

Other ones are available on request include – Uziza, utazi, okazi

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Dry Ugu

  • Dry Nigerian vegetables are available from Themarketfoodshop; these dry vegetables are sourced freshly, cleaned and dried using a dehydrator so that it retains freshness and taste.
  • Our dry vegetables are clean ,all you need to do is rinse and cook
  • Vegetables available include –¬† Ugwu, ewedu, scent leaves (nchawu), uziza, Okazi, utazi, bitterleaf (already washed)
  • Store away from moist or water, if properly stored, it has a shelf life of between 6-8 months.

What is the size of each pack?

each pack of dry ugu and ewedu weigh 100grams each; other dry leaves weigh 80g per pack.

How long can it be stored for ?

If properly stored ; The leaves have a shelf life of between 6-8 months

How long does it take to deliver ?

Delivery is usually done between 24-72hours after order is placed depending on quantity ordered.


dry ugu

A pack of dry (dehydrated ) leaves


How do you source for the dry vegetables?

We get them fresh and have them dried with dryers under hygienic conditions, we do not source our dry vegetables from open markets.


How to use dry vegetables ( ugu, uziza, scent leaves, bitterleaves)

– Rinse atleast 2 times in hot water.

– add very early to the pot of soup you are making with it so it softens well before the soup is ready.


How to make ewedu soup with dry ewedu


Kindly click this link to watch a video on how to – https://youtu.be/A-Tvqq9onIs



Please describe the quantities in each pack using derica and paint measurements



Can it be delivered outside Nigeria?

We work with logistic companies that are able to deliver some food items to United kingdom and the United States. The items are shipped¬† by DHL /UPS; depending on the customer’s preference. The minimum weight for items that can be shipped is usually 5kg.


Can we buy in wholesale quantities?

We only sell dry vegetable in retail quantities


Do you have a walk in store?

At the moment, we operate as an online store so we only do deliveries.


Do you deliver outside Lagos?

Yes, we are able to deliver only dry foods outside Lagos.


How can i pay when i buy?

You can either pay via Paystack or by Direct bank transfers to the company account stated on the website

Additional information

Additional information

Dry vegetables

dry ugwu (2 packs), dry scentleaves + dry bitterleaves (1 pack each), dry ewedu (2packs)