Smoked Eja Abo ( ukpek fish)


Smoked eja abo also known as smoked sole fish. It is also called Ukpek fish in some areas..


it’s available in packs of 10pieces.

we have them in 2 sizes – medium and large.

We also have combo packs –

  • Smoked eja abo and smoked eja osan
  • Smoked eja abo and dried snails
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  1. Smoked eja abo

What is Eja abo called in english?

Eja abo is sole fish


What’s another local Nigerian name for smoked eja abo?

It is also important called Ukpek fish in

How long can smoked eja abo be stored for?

If well smoked and stored , it can keep for about 2-3 weeks in transit, however, if it is smoked then dehydrated, it can keep fresh for up to 3months in transit so long as it is properly packed in an air tight bag or container.


How many pieces come in a pack?

We have 2 sizes , medium and big,  there are 10 pieces of fish in each pack .

How dry are they?

They are dry but not so dry; on request, we can make them extra dry for you, if you intend to travel with them

What’s the weight of 10 pieces?

medium: 0.5 – 0.6kg

big : 0.7 – 0.8kg

smoked eja abo)

smoked eja abo (Big size)

How long will it take to deliver when ordered?

We can deliver to you in 24-72 hours, depending on the size of your order, we can also help you pack it for travel (based on request)

How fresh are they?

We source freshly on order so you can be sure of freshness and quality

How are they packaged ?

Each pack of smoked eja abo contains 10pieces, each pack comes well packaged and sealed .

What sizes of the fish do you have?

we have 2 sizes- the medium and large.

What payment options are available ?

We accept payments via Paystack or Direct bank transfer to the companies account stated on the website.



Additional information

Additional information

Smoked eja abo (Pack of 10 pieces)

Medium, Big, smoked eja abo + smoked eja osan, smoked eja abo + dried snails

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