Rhassoul Clay (100g)


  • Rhassoul Clay a.k.a Moroccan Ghassoul clay (100g) – An all natural product used for skin and hair care
  • Rhassoul clay acne pack – Rhassoul clay acne pack is specially put together to treat acne ; Its a combination of natural skin care products especially effective for clearing out acne in 3 simple yet effective steps- exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize. Each pack contains – Rhassoul clay, african black soap paste, activated (Black) charcoal soap, organic glow soap and acne cream (moisturizer).



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Rhassoul clay

rhassoul clay

Rhassoul clay



How to use rhassoul clay

How to do a skin detox with rhassoul clay

– What is rhassoul clay used for

It is used to create masks for detoxifying the skin also it has a unique ability to nourish the skin, thereby making it a good natural supplement for skin care

– Which is better bentonite clay vs rhassoul clay

Even though they have similar functions, if you want extra moisture, softness and better ability to absorb, then rhassoul is the better option. Bentonite clay is extra adsorbing sodepending on your type of skin, it might be harsh.

– Does rhassoul clay work for acne

Yes. Acne is caused by impurities and rhassoul clay is good for sucking all the dirts out of your face

– How to use Rhassoul clay on the skin

There are different recipes for using rhassoul clay, however here’s a simple way you can apply it on your skin – mix the rhassoul clay with water to form a thick paste, apply as face mask on clean face (washed face) ; Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse off the face. Apply moisturizer afterwards.

– do you sell rhassoul clay wholesale

Send a message if you want to rhassoul clay in large quanity

Rhassoul clay is a healing clay found naturally in Morocco.

It’s really good for detoxifying skin and hair. It is used on the skin in different ways. However, you can simply mix it with water and apply as a face mask to clear out your pores.

Rhassoul clay is one of the natural skin care products we sell at themarketfoodshop. 


Rhassoul clay acne pack

– If your skin is constantly disturbed by acne , this acne pack is what you need; because all contents of this pack are made from carefully selected natural skin care products, they are effective yet mild on the skin. Each pack contains the following – Rhassoul clay, African black soap paste, (black) activated charcoal soap, organic glow soap and acne cream (moisturizer); These products are carefully combined to give you clear glowing skin in 3 simple yet effective steps.

  • Exfoliate using the rhassoul clay face mask once a week.
  • Cleanse your face in the morning with our african black soap paste (for regular cleanse) or activated charcoal soap (for deep cleanse to unclog skin pores).
  • Mild cleansing of face at night with organic glow soap (always wash face at night ) .
  • Apply acne cream on wet face ; it treats acne and moisturizes at the same time.

For more details on Rhassoul clay acne pack, Call / whatsapp themarketfoodshop – +234-817-204-4701

rhassoul clay acne pack

contents of the Rhassoul clay acne pack


Additional information

Additional information

Rhassoul clay ( a.k.a moroccan Ghassoul clay) - 100g

Rhassoul clay (a.k.a moroccan Ghassoul clay) 100g, Rhassoul clay acne pack

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