Acha grain (1kg)


Each item contains (1kg)of Acha grains

Each pack contains fresh Acha grain that are ready to eat

The product is low in starch



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How to make breakfast cereal with acha grains

  • Boil water in a point .
  • Pour is acha grains into boiling water.
  • Stir with a spatula until it thickens, its best to leave the consistency of the mix as quite slurry as it thickens once left to cool.
  • Acha cereal is ready to be enjoyed with fruits,milkĀ  and nuts.
Acha cereal

Acha cereal
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Suitable for people with diabetes

Additional information

Additional information

Acha grains (1kg)

Acha grains (1kg), freshness and quality guaranteed. low in starch, gluten free and organic.

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