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Available in 2 pack sizes- 70g and 35g. freshness guaranteed ,packaged under hygienic conditions.
70g pack – N1300
35g pack – N700

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How to soften stock fish

This depends on the cut and firmness of the stockfish, the flesh can either be boiled for a short while with the beef or it can be added to the soup/ stew early so it can soften before the soup is fully ready.

In case of other cuts like the whole cod, osan and cut cut, you can either

  1. boil in water for 20 minutes , then leave to soak in the water for a few hours
  2. Boil with a pressure pot
  3. Soak in cold water overnight

Types of stock fish in nigeria

There are a number of stockfish varieties of available in the Nigerian market, some of which include

  • cod
  • osan
  • fillet / flesh
  • head
  • Ear
  • cut cut

Is stock fish safe in pregnancy

There are no reports of stockfish being unsafe for pregnant women.

Nutritional value of dry stock fish

Stockfish is rich omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Protein, Calcium, Iron


Other names for stockfish

Market names for stockfish include – “Panla”, “Ekporoko”, “Oporoko”

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