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Fresh mangala fish


What’s mangala dry fish?

is a type of fresh water fish from the Northern part of Nigeria.

How long does it take to deliver Mangala fish when you order from Themarketfoodshop ?

When you order mangala fish from themarketfoodshop, it usually takes 24-48hours to deliver, same day delivery is sometimes possible if your order comes in before 10 am on that same day.

What is the weight of a pack of mangala fish from Themarketfoodshop ?

Each pack of mangala fish contains 10 pieces, we have packs for 2 different sizes, medium and big.

the medium pack weighs about 0.6kg while the big pack weighs about 0.9kg

What type of fish is Mangala dry fish ?

Mangala dry fish is fresh water fish, harvested in the northern part of Nigeria (sometimes Niger republic) , then smoked and transported to Lagos to be sold . It is a scaly fish but the scales are taken out before it is smoked.

What fish is called mangala fish in oyingbo market and other markets ?

There are about 3-4 kinds of dry fish referred to as mangala fish in Nigerian markets , usually sellers do this to get buyers to go for the other types of smoked fresh water fishes when they don’t have the original mangala fish.  An example of  the original mangala fish is as seen in the product picture on this page. The original mangala fish is what you get when you buy from themarketfoodshop.

How can i store mangala fish at home ?

The best way to store mangala dry fish is in freezer bags in the freezer. There it can keep for months. Another way you can store mangala fish is in open air away from moisture , with this method , it won’t keep for so long as you will need to keep putting it in the oven every few days to keep insects away.

What’s mangala fish called in english?

What other types of fresh water (dry) fish are available in Nigerian markets?

Aside mangala fish, a few other types of fresh water (dry) fish available

  • akudo
  • Sole fish
  • asa fish also known as eja osan
  • smoked catfish, there is the one from minna and the one from maiduguri

What other types of Nigerian dry fish are available from Themarketoodshop ?

Other types of Nigerian dry fish you can get from themarketfoodshop include

  • Asa fish also known as eja osan
  • sole fish also known as eja abo
  • shawa fish
  • Bonga fish
  • Eja apo
  • smoked catfish

How can i clean mangala fish ?

There are a couple of ways to clean dry fish, here’s one

  • Rub the fish with some salt
  • Rinse under running water ( you can scrub fish with your fingers as you rinse)
  • Put fish in a bowl and add hot water to cover the fish in the bowl
  • Drain off the water after few minutes and rinse again with cold water.

How to soften mangala dry fish when cooking ?

It is best to add mangala fish to your soups early enough when cooking so the flavour of the fish sips into the soup and also to make sure the fish softens well before the soup is ready to be served.

Spices you can use to make your local soups tastier when cooking with mangala fish ?


mangala fish

– What size is the mangala fish available

We have 2 different sizes: Medium and Big. The price for each size is different as well.

Is this the original Mangala

Yes it is.
Most people make the mistake of buying smoked catfish from dubious merchants instead. This is common during periods when the sellers don’t have the real fish in stock. And the easiest way to avoid this error is to buy from shops like themarketfoodshop that can guarantee you of giving you the real items you need

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Additional information

Mangala fish (pack of 10)

Medium size, big size

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