Ewa Agoyin Mix (Ata Agoyin Mix)/ Ayamase mix/ wateryam mix


The Ata Goyin mix is a blend of various dried pepper and spices to ease the process of preparing the sauce for Ewa Agoyin.

The mix can also be used for making pepper sauce for rice, yam, potatoes, and other food items



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What are the contents of the ewa agoyin sauce mix?

The ewa agoyin sauce mix contains a mix of local dry peppers and spices


How to make ewa agoyin sauce using the ewa agoyin sauce mix

  1. Place (dry) clean pot on a burner, pour in palm oil (at least 35ml  of palm oil for a pack of  ata agoyin mix)
  2. Once the oil is hot (not bleached) , pour in sliced onions, let the onions fry till it becomes translucent.
  3. Pour in blended crayfish, let it fry for 45-90 seconds, then pour in the ata agoyin mix, add in salt and seasoning cubes (optional).
  4. keep stirring till you see the onions floating at the top of the oil.
  5. Agoyin sauce is ready to be enjoyed with agoyin beans.

Also available – wateryam mix (for ojojo ,ikokore and ekpankukwo), ayamase mix (for ofada sauce)

How many servings is contained per pack?

Each pack contains 6-8 servings

What is the weight of each pack of ewa agoyin mix or ayamase mix?

Each pack is 100grams each


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Ewa agoyin mix

Ewa agoyin mix (100g), Ayamase mix (100g), Wateryam mix (1kg)

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