Egusi (Hand-peeled & Blended)


Egusi seeds , cleaned and blended.

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Blended Egusi

Whats the weight of a paint bucket of Egusi?

A paint bucket of egusi weighs somewhere between 2.6kg – 3kg

How many dericas will you find in a paint bucket of Egusi?

There are 5 dericas in a paint bucket of egusi.

egusi (blended)

Engine peeled egusi


Whats the difference between handpeel and engine peel Egusi?

Handpeel egusi is usually peeled by hand, it usually comes out whiter and neater than the engine peeled one; the engine peel egusi is peeled using an engine. Some believe handpeeled egusi is sweeter when cooked than the engine peel. However, both handpeel and engine peel egusi can be used to cook a delicious pot of egusi soup.

What is the best way to store Egusi?

If you intend to store your egusi for a long period of time ( say above 6 weeks) , its best to leave it whole (unblended). When egusi is blended, it is best stored in the ziploc bags in the fridge (there must be constant electricity supply).


How is it packed?

The egusi is properly packed and sealed, on request, we can specially package it for travel .

How long will it take to deliver?

Delivery is done 24-48 hours after order is placed depending on the size of  the order.

What’s the shelf life of egusi?

It depends on how it is stored.

Blended egusi is best stored in the refrigerator or freezer . If egusi is to be kept for long outside a fridge or freezer, it is best stored whole.


How can i pay for my purchase ?

We accept payments via Paystack or by Direct bank transfer to the company account provided on the website.




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Egusi (blended) handpeel

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